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Combining photographic visuals with mixed media Chris Peters is interpreting the world around us in new and creative ways.

"I create paintings that reflect my view of the world around us. Some are realistic, some are representational, some are impressionistic, and some are abstract…it all depends on how I choose to recall or reinvent what I saw when I was first drawn to the subject."

He recently began painting in earnest as an extension of his life-long love for photography.

"Painting provides a vast new world of artistic exploration to reconsider and reimagine what was experienced during the first encounter."

"While I love and admire the classical and modern arts, I am influenced mainly by the 19th and 20th century impressionists, by how they portrayed the world around them and by what they chose to paint". 

Peters' most recent work is becoming more figurative and dimensional deploying a newly developed style and unique technique as he begins to explore the human form and figure, and the landscapes of travel.  Peters views his techniques as multi-faceted experiments and as a way to discover new results."It is all about personal growth, risk-taking and freedom."

In addition to acrylic-based paints he employs various mediums such as pastes, gels and glazes, industrial materials and sometimes found objects.These are applied to stretched canvases, mounted metal sheeting, hardwood supports, or wood panels dependent upon the technique and tools used during the mark-making or layering stages.

Peters began showing his work in 2010 and has since participated in group shows and solo shows in Toronto galleries and creative spaces. His work has been galleried at the Ben Navaee Gallery in Leslieville, Sunderland Hall (solo), Breat Spirit Gallery and Yellow Gallery in the Beach, and at his annual Art for Charity at The Pilot in Yorkville (solo).